Alowyn Gardens

As a child one of my favourite movies was the whimsical Secret Garden.  I just loved the idea of having my very own garden hidden away from the world, where I could just be and enjoy the beauty that surrounded me.  I feel like I have found the imaginings of my childhood in Alowyn Gardens.  … More Alowyn Gardens

Oaks on Melba

You only have to look at Oaks on Melba’s Instagram and Face Book accounts to understand why this was my next stop on my journey through the Yarra Valley. Just the smell of freshly baked treats will have this foodie following her nose to the source and devouring every last crumb, so to have them … More Oaks on Melba

Yarra Valley Dairy

Some of my fondest memories have involved a good wine and a plentiful cheese board, so you can imagine my excitement when I realised where I was off to next on the Coldstream Trail – Yarra Valley Dairy. Sourcing cow’s milk from dairy farmers in the region and Goats milk from the Gippsland region the … More Yarra Valley Dairy