The Storehouse Mt. Evelyn

IMG_4203 (3)If I were to tell you that there is a place where Paleo and Grain lovers can order from the same menu, where items can be made gluten free on request and where the ‘Raw Food’ follower can walk out with a snack and a smile – would you believe me?
Although this is a slight detour from the Coldstream trail, I feel compelled to introduce you to this place where ethically sourced suppliers are a must and organic is a given. The Storehouse Mt Evelyn is a must visit if you love all things wholesome. Walking in you will notice a wall full of organic, natural and wholefood products. They sell everything from organic flours to natural skin care. The product selection really excites me- in fact I walked out with a dozen of Tom’s Paddock eggs ( and a pot of Natural honey for my pantry.
The use of reclaimed wood and leather, mixed with modern lighting and signage is the perfect way to keep the customers walking in the door. If you love ethically sourced coffee beans (Capulus Roastery) and organic milk then this is the coffee for you! For those of you who know me, there are only a few coffee’s that I would leave home for (now that I have my own espresso machine) and this is definitely one to add to that short list. Menu items such as Chia pudding, ‘Old Mate’ Eggs and a number of filling and healthy smoothies are what make this place the perfect meeting point for people from all walks of life and eating habits.
The Storehouse Mt Evelyn has been open 11 short months and has evolved into a local favourite. I believe their success has everything to do with the owners and their commitment to providing their customers with the nourishment of body and soul, through wholesome food and unique and amazing suppliers (each one with their own story). So next time you find yourself at The Storehouse make sure you thank Graeme (he will be behind the counter with a friendly, easy-going smile on his face, offering you a welcoming ‘hi’ as you walk through the door) for giving up his career moving pianos and deciding to run with his wife’s idea of a bulk Wholefood store and coffee bar-great move guys.

IMG_3575 (3)
Raw and tactile
IMG_3558 (3)
Wholefood inspiration
Capulus Roastery coffee served in beautifully tactile mugs.
IMG_4213 (2)
Smashed avocado and fetta – yum yum.
IMG_4215 (2)
‘Old Mate’ Eggs.
My Storehouse Haul
IMG_3564 (3)
The Storehouse supports local producers.

IMG_3554 (2)

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