Urban Float – Float Therapy

What is Floating?

Sensory deprivation is the ultimate goal when you book yourself in for a float session.  Depriving your body of sensory input allows your brain to quieten down, reset and focus on internal stimuli.  At Urban Float this is achieved by laying in a pod of water heated to body temperature with over 600kg of Epsom salts.  To truly achieve sensory deprivation you can choose to lay in complete silence with the sound proof lid of the pod closed and lights out – The sound of your breath and beating of your heart your only companion.

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Why Float?


Recently I read an alarming statistic from Facebooks Global Director, Andrew Kellar. Did you know that on a daily basis the average person scrolls through 300 meters of mobile data?  Our brains are dealing with so much more stimuli nowadays that float therapy is fast becoming a go-to method to prevent and control anxiety, depression and other stress related disorders.


The study of floatation therapy and pain relief has been ongoing since the 1960’s when an eccentric scientist Dr. John C Lilly created the first sensory deprivation tank to explore the effects of total isolation from the outside environment on the human mind.  Almost 60 years later, many studies have shown that Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) can be beneficial to those suffering from extreme pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

The Urban Float Experience

It was with curiosity that I accepted the invitation to work with Urban Float and experience my first float session.  This assignment couldn’t have come at a better time, the school holidays were in full swing and taking an hour out to myself was like a dream come true.


What to expect

After a brief tour of the facilities, you will be shown to your private room (complete with shower) – here you will receive all the ‘need-to-know’ information.  Once the door is closed you will be left alone and your session will begin.

First things first… Ear plugs in and a quick rinse to wash off the day before you enter the pod.

Now step into the pod and lower the lid.  It is important to note that the lid does not lock!  So you can breathe easy.  You are not stuck in the pod for the hour and are free to hop out at any time.  Be aware that the lights in the room are controlled by the lid and they will switch off once it has been closed for a little while, in saying that as soon as you open it the lights will once again come on – Phew!

Slide your body down into the warm water and feel yourself float without effort.  This is due to the saturation of Epsom salts in the water giving you buoyancy.  There is an optional foam ring to assist your head.  I found this helped to take tension off my neck and used it throughout the entire session.


The buttons

The Green Button to your left, controls the lights.  The red button to your right is the emergency button, press this if you are in trouble.  So you can relax knowing that you are only a buttons press away from help if needed.


I am not of the meditating variety so I chose to float in silence instead of listening to the meditation music on offer.  However, the choice is yours.

Once your float comes to an end, you will need to wash off the salts before changing.  I must say the addition of a hair drying bar is a nice touch, if you need to be presentable after your session Urban Float Ringwood have made this possible.

To complete your experience sip on your tea (ordered on arrival) in the lounge.  Allow your mind to mull over your experience before diving back into the busyness of life once again.

Click here for more information on Urban Float Ringwood.


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