Unearthed – Levantine Hill

It is no secret that I have been on a writing hiatus.  This past year has been a time of family and regrouping, a time to be Mum and rediscover my passion outside the emotional world of Social Media (more on that another day).  When the invitation came to attend the Unearthed feast at Levantine Hill, I could not resist.  What a way to come out of hibernation and salute winters end with a celebration of truffle and pork.

Getting Piggy With It


This annual feast is sure to entertain, sustain and overwhelm you.  As you enter the iconic Cellar Door at Levantine Hill expect to be warmly welcomed by staff eager to pour your first glass of a vertical wine tasting before you are invited to make your way to the event area.

20160610_123447_HDR (2)


The banquet table is adorned with a natural runner of olive branches and blossoms as if to welcome the new season.  As you sip the sparkling wine offered on your arrival you will be instantly drawn to the open air kitchen.  The theatrics of the carving area will intrigue you and the delightful tunes from the New Orleans band will awaken the jazz in you.  As the helicopters land with the last guests you will be invited to take your place at the feasting table.

menu (2)


As you introduce yourself to your neighbour and ask all the ‘getting to know you’ questions the food starts to arrive.  The star: local pork, stuffed with truffle and slow cooked for eight hours and the Support Act: local produce expertly roasted and seasoned to perfection.  The abundance of food is refreshing, with second and third helpings expected.  As you partake in wiping your plate clean with the house baked bread (or is it just me that does this outside of the home?) you will realise that you have been drinking a never ending glass of wine!!

20180907_152604 (2)


The atmosphere is one of a family gathering.  As the conversations become more familiar and the regret of driving ones-self intensifies dessert is served.  The perfect way to end an afternoon of amazing food, wine and comradery.

getting pig with it from afar20180907_154626

As this was the inaugural feast of Levantine Hills Unearthed initiative, you will want to put it in your calendar for next year.

Do not offer to be designated driver if you like to enjoy quality wine with your meal.  There are plenty of options to ensure you find your way home safely: Microflite, Uber just to name a few.

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