Yarra Valley Gateway Estate

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If you were to ask me to list three things that impressed me about The Gateway Estate, I would find it a very difficult task as there are many delights housed within that unassuming tin shed.  However, I will give it a go and try and keep my list to just three.

Local Products/produce: 

As I have explored the Yarra Valley I have been amazed at the quality of the produce grown within its boundaries.IMG_3328 You see, growing up I was very aware of the wineries in the region and if you had of asked me ‘what is it that one does while visiting the Yarra Valley?’ I would have answered ‘why drink wine of course’.  However, my eyes have been opened.  If there is one thing that the folk of the Yarra Valley are proud of it is the local produce – be it wine, apple, pears, brussel sprouts, strawberries, poultry, beef, beer and the list goes on.  The Gateway Estate is no different.

You will find a plethora of local produce and products when you visit The Gateway Estate.  There is everything from fresh in season fruit and vegetables to pasta, preserves and small goods. This makes it the perfect place to stop off on the way home from exploring the Yarra Valley for a solution to your dinner woes.   


Pick your own berries.

This is an obvious one -due to the inflatable strawberry which adorns the roof of the store.  Not only do they offer the customer the chance to pick their own punnet of strawberries from their indoor crop, but they also stock the most delicious locally grown frozen berries.  This I know firsthand – I have never tasted frozen blueberries like the ones I recently purchased from The Gateway Estate.  I will definitely be returning to stock up once my current supply is low.  If you know me well, you will know that blueberries are a big part of my life, I now know that I have only ever bought inferior products.  Woori Yallock blueberries do not compare to the supermarket variety!!! Yes, at $15 for 500g they are more expensive (and may have to be an every now and then purchase), however they are absolutely worth it!!! You have to at least give them a try.  


When perusing the store you will come across a refrigerator full of meat products.  You can purchase cuts of beef for roasting, stewing, barbequing and frying.   What you won’t know (if you don’t read the sign – like me) is that The Gateway Estate run their own herd of Angus cattle.  All their meat is aged for 2-4 weeks and is hormone free, grass fed and free range.  I found this fascinating and had to buy a premade family beef pie to take home for dinner that night.  It is definitely a good pie with chunks of beef, plenty of gravy and no gristle.  A happy husband at dinner time makes this woman smile.   

In short, if I was heading into the Yarra Valley without a picnic I would pop into the Gateway Estate to pick one up.  If I was on my way home without dinner prepared I would drop in and pick up a family pie or Yarra Valley pasta with sauce.

For more information on all that the Gateway Estate has to offer check out www.gatewayestate.com.au

A baby strawberry – I just want to take it home
IMG_3324 (2)
Stop for a tasting.
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Locally sourced freshly baked bread by Bellavedere http://www.bellavedere.com.au

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