This week winter hit Melbourne with all its chilly splendour. The sky was grey, the grass was wet and there were puddles as far as the eye could see. My little munchkin was housebound and didn’t I know it -there is only so much ABC Kids that a child can take without losing their minds. Even though pyjama days are his favourite, a weeks’ worth can get a little on the nose – I mean nerves. As a mother my biggest fear is the ‘common cold’. I find it really hard to listen to my little ones cough their way through the course of a virus or infection, so as a result there is no outdoors time if the chill sets in.

Grey Skies
You can imagine my desperation by Friday, after a good 5 days of rain. The sky was as dark as can be, the temperature hadn’t hit double digits for most of the day and my mood was as grey as the clouds outside. So I did something totally out of character, something completely unexpected, something unheard of in my household. I dressed the children as warm as can be and hit the road. Yes, that’s right, this couped up Mum broke free and decided to explore the Yarra Valley in weather that only conjures up thoughts of open fires, pyjamas, dressing gowns and good old Ugg’s.

Let me just say, you have to give it a try. There is no better way to experience the beauty of this amazing corner of the world than driving through it rain, hail or shine. All around were amazing landscapes of rolling hills dressed in fallen clouds, cattle huddling beneath the bare trees for shelter and the rays of sun stealing moments to highlight the vibrant grass against the deep moody grey of the rain clouds. There were many times I could have pulled the car over and tried to capture on camera what my eyes were witnessing. 
If you find yourself stuck in Melbourne during winter (where it rains on and off, the wind takes your breath away and your nose drips like a tap) rug up as warm as possible, find yourself a good pair of gumboots and go and explore. It’s the best thing I could have done that wet, dreary Friday – and the munchkin loved every minute of it.

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