Oaks on Melba

IMG_4859 (2)
You only have to look at Oaks on Melba’s Instagram and Face Book accounts to understand why this was my next stop on my journey through the Yarra Valley. Just the smell of freshly baked treats will have this foodie following her nose to the source and devouring every last crumb, so to have them presented to me in photographic form resulted in the obvious – A Yarra Valley Life Experience.

IMG_4855The Victorian style homestead is set on a block surrounded by blossoms, lush lawn and a collection of eclectic outdoor furniture- perfect to sit back, relax and watch life pass you by. Overlooking this very homely scene like guardians standing watch are the strong majestic Oaks – said to be one hundred years old.

The warm, rustic and natural feel flows inside to the interior of this cosy café. Renovated before its opening in April the décor is a tribute to yesteryear, you really do feel like you have arrived at Grandma’s for some home-baked goodies and a long gossip around the welcoming fire. When it comes to the menu they have kept it simple and limited (home baked treats and share platters), for that reason I really see this

Quaint eclectic interior.

as a place to stop and have a coffee and nibbles rather than a substantial lunch. However, in saying that, if you are like me and love a good share platter then you have found your destination. My son (a real Dutchie) loves his cheese, bread and cold meats – so to him the platter was foodie heaven, add to that the side of chocolate cake and he was happier than a butcher’s dog.

With every visit on my journey through the Yarra Valley I am pleasantly surprised to see each and every proprietor supporting the local produce industry. Oaks on Melba are no different, they offer a great range of locally made chutneys, relishes and pickles from the Garlic King as well as locally grown garlic for you to take the taste of the Yarra Valley home with you. I really do feel that relish and chutney makes everything sing!

Oaks on Melba really has that homely feel that you often find when visiting Mt Dandenong. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is a family run business, everything is done with the love of a mother, daughter father and son – from the restoration of the furniture to the making of the coffee. It will be my ‘go to’ for a quick coffee and cake date with my boys and I cannot wait to see the Oaks dressed in their spring attire.


IMG_5033 (2)
Such a beauty in the height of blossom season.
IMG_4838 (2)
A place full of eclectic antiques.
IMG_4849 (2)
Lovingly restored and repurposed furniture gives that homely feel that some establishments miss.
The Garlic King products – stop and taste.
IMG_5063 (2)
A delicious light lunch.
Let’s just sit and let the world roll by.

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