St. Huberts

The Stag

The Story of The Stag:
Meet the Stag that adorns each and every bottle of wine sold at St.Huberts Vineyard. He was sent on a mission from God to appear to a hunter in the woods carrying a cross between its antlers. The hunter was Saint Hubert, who is now known to the Catholic society as the patron saint of hunters and is the namesake of this next stop along the Yarra Valley Coldstream Trail – St. Huberts Vineyard (founded in 1862).

 If I were to tell you that I had minimal to no wine knowledge would you judge me? I mean here I am planning to eat my way
IMG_4813through the Yarra Valley (one of Victoria’s draw cards for wine lovers the world over) and the only thing I am sure about is that I love a good Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. If I were to tell you I had never been to a wine tasting would you stop following my journey? I live within throwing distance of wine country and the last time I inhaled the bouquet of a freshly swirled wine was 16 years ago during a hospitality course.

So what better way to begin my wine education than at a vineyard solely focussed on wine production? After meeting Alissa at St. Huberts I now feel I can face you all with my head held a little higher. I found the experience extremely informative and Alissa very approachable. The history at St. Huberts is a rich one and it is impressive to see that many of the staff have been with the vineyard for decades and boast a wealth of knowledge for both wine and the history of the property.

B.Y.O picnic rug, B.Y.O food but do not B.Y.O wine – that they have covered

Now, I am a bit of an ‘easy to please’ kind of girl when it comes to dining out. If my husband was to pull up to a beautiful grassy knoll, throw open a blanket and set out a spread to graze on while sipping a bottle of quality wine I would be in heaven. So pulling up to St. Huberts and spotting that lush lawn with the amazing elm beckoning, caused the little girl inside of me to cartwheel (I know this sounds a bit farcical, but I am surprised by every view I come across on this journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way). You see the difference between St. Huberts and other long standing vineyards within the Yarra Valley is that you will not find a restaurant or café within its boundaries. However, picnics are encouraged and if you find yourself dropping in unexpectedly you can purchase the makings of a decent cheese board to pair with the perfect St. Huberts wine.

If it is the beginnings of a wine education that you are looking for or a relaxing afternoon sipping wine while enjoying a picnic in the shade of a magnificent elm then pop into St. Huberts and enjoy the serenity of this humble Cellar Door.

Roussanne – a beautiful wine to accompany food.
367 St. Hubert Rd.


The perfect picnic spot.
IMG_4924 (2)
Wine, wine and more wine.
IMG_4827 (2)
Beautiful in all weather.

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