Yerring Station Farmers Market

The first thing you will notice when stepping onto the property at Yering Station is the beauty, in fact it is intoxicating.  Since beginning this exciting venture I have been highly impressed by the respect each establishment has shown to their surrounds – Yering Station is one such establishment.  Before you enter the Barn (housing the bulk of the market) the ‘Window Wall’ will
IMG_4492 (2) not escape your attention.  I found this a genius stroke by the architect to frame the amazing view, enabling the visitor to appreciate it from all areas of the property.

On the third Sunday of every month this beautiful property is host to one of Victoria’s oldest Farmer’s Market and it is only fitting that it is housed in a Heritage Listed Barn.  Now, this is where I need to be completely honest and confess… I may have been completely taken by the actual grounds in all of their hedged perfection and the promise of a highly recommended crepe (cooked by a true French-man) to have taken in or even photographed the market itself.  So to make it up to you all, I will be attending the next Yarra Valley Regional Food Groups Farmer’s Market on the 20th of September and will try my hardest to focus solely on the market in all its glory.


Original Avenue of Elms

The property of this Australian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame inductee (2006) screams heritage.   You have already heard me talk about the Barn and you have seen the original avenue of elms, we are yet to discuss the Cellar Door.    Within the walls of the original winery building (circa from 1959) you will find the wine and produce stores as well as Matt’s Bar.  Beautifully rustic this red brick building is reminiscent of a quaint English cottage (#yarravalleylifeyeringstation).  There is something reassuring and comforting when you walk through the doors and are greeted by original wine making equipment scattered throughout displays of Yarra Valley Regional Food Group produce and Yering Station wine.  The Cellar Door was buzzing with visitors on the day of the market and room at the tasting bar non-existent, however just a wonder through the building gave you the feeling that a wine education had been imparted.

A visit to Yering Station is a must if you are a lover of heritage buildings and amazing views.  Be warned that you may be swept away by the aesthetics of the property – even the carpark has a sweeping view of the Yarra Ranges.  As with many of the Yarra Valley establishments there is so much to experience that a second visit is needed.  The Farmers Market is a great way to explore the grounds as well as the produce of the Yarra Valley.  It will defiantly be a market I will frequent, will I see you there?

IMG_4736IMG_4511 (2)IMG_4552IMG_4559IMG_4726IMG_4546 (2)IMG_4733IMG_4708

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