Wiggley Bottom Farm

Yarra Valley Accommodation

Imagine the squeals of delight from the children when we started down the driveway of Wiggley Bottom Farm. Determined to let the next town know that new guests had arrived, we were greeted by a very noisy gaggle of geese, horses sauntered over to inquire about the alarm and the goats at the top of the driveway continued eating whatever looked appetising at the time.


We pulled into the carport and were immediately introduced to the farm‘s mascot — a beautiful Dalmatian by the name of Polly Waffle. Her friends Ziggy Star Dust and Teddy B Bear joined in the welcome dance, bottoms wiggling and paws tapping the boards of the expansive veranda. Before we could unlock the balls of energy we call our kids, Gillie was there to greet us. This woman is a ray of sunshine — delightful and professional in every way.

Take the live tour here

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As we were shown around the property I could not hide my joy.  Here are the three reasons why:

The View:

Set in the beautiful suburb of Badger Creek, the property enjoys a vista that is breath-taking and impossible to ignore. There is a view from every window and on a clear night the sunset is the perfect back drop for a wine – local bottles can be ordered through Gillie during your stay.  The farm is the perfect finish to a day out in town or at any of the local attractions, including Healesville Sanctuary, Hedge End Maze or Badger’s Weir.

20170711_103030 (2)IMG_20170724_201810_470

The Animals

This property is home to some very vocal and inquisitive animals. You cannot leave Wiggley Bottom Farm without meeting the goats, geese and horses.

The Geese: Expect a loud welcome from these lively birds who will likely put on a show and dance for you, although they are very wary of humans and are no threat at all.  In fact, trying to get a closer look is ‘mission impossible’ as they keep their distance and will hurriedly retreat from your advances.

20170710_165612 (2)

The Goats: This is where the fun begins. The children were so excited when Gillie told us we could feed the goats. Their little gumboots could not get to the gate quick enough.  The goats were friendly, excited and very hungry. Don’t leave the feed bucket on the ground as you will find a goat diving into the feed before you can say ‘hello’. Talk about interactive play.

WARNING: they are very inquisitive animals and one of the goats found the hem of my top very appealing. Keep an eye on your clothing, as you may look down and find you have become the next course.  

DSC03796 (2)


The Horses: It is no secret that horses are a little obsession of mine (see Amadaeus Park Riding School) and to meet and greet these creatures at Wiggle Bottom Farm was a joy.  This was a great way to introduce my munchkins to the stars of the view they look at every day at home. They were able to pat them, talk to them and watch them run all under my watchful eye.  It was a great experience and one that I would highly recommend.  

20170710_170015 (2)

The Accommodation:

You are spoilt for choice at Wiggley Bottom Farm. Depending on your requirements you may choose between The Cottage, The Apartment or The House; all are beautifully appointed and a delight to stay in.

As a family, we took over The House for the night. There is much to love about the space. The bedroom is generous in size, with a King-size bed, walk-in-robe and ensuite – big enough to house both a shower and claw-footed bath (oh and the heated towel rail was a welcome surprise).   

The kitchen is enviable! In fact, I am still dreaming about the fully stocked cupboards, butler’s pantry and large stove top.  It definitely ignited some plans to renovate my tired space at home. With a farm-style dining table, this is a space set for fun, laughter and feasting.  

The open fire in the cosy lounge room was thoughtfully set up for our use and it came in handy with the chill of winter.  As a family, we enjoyed the DVD and board-game selections. Spending quality time by the fire was a great way to end the excitement of a day exploring Healesville and visiting the farm‘s animal residents.  


But wait — there’s more:

Not only is this a place of fun and exploration for families, it‘s also ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway, pets looking for the ideal destination to take their owners as a gesture of love and thanks, or brides and grooms looking to say ‘I do’ in an intimate, inclusive and loving environment.  

Little Weddings Yarra Valley is also run by the beautiful Gillie and covers all your wedding needs. You can hire out the entire property and organise a beautiful event for your nuptials. Not only can you have your closest loved ones of the human variety attend your wedding, but your four legged friends and family are welcome also.  Click here for all you need to know to organise your special day at Wiggley Bottom Farm.  

There is so much to be thankful for in this world and your stay at Wiggley Bottom Farm will fill you with gratitude. There is something to be said for ‘getting back to nature’.  Not only does it reset priorities and focus, but it also brings a peace and joy that is unique to what I like to call a ‘creation experience’.  

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