Amadeus Park Riding School

Sadly no longer in business.

The most treasured feature of our house would have to be the view. In fact, I would go as far as saying that it is the reason we bought it. Each morning it is a pleasure  to draw the blinds and watch the fog lift while the horses graze. If I am lucky, there will be a sudden surge of energy and the horses will take off, as if one said to the other: ‘race you to the other end’. Booking in for a lesson at Amadeus Park Riding School was a little like stepping into the scene I had been watching for years.

The View


Located on Yarraview Road, this in itself should allude to the beauty that awaits you.  No matter what you expect, laying eyes on the rolling hills of Yarra Glen is always a breath-taking experience. Your muscles relax as if your body is preparing to let go of all the ‘must do’s’ of everyday life, ready to connect with the peace we so easily push aside.

The trip to the stables prepares you for the experience to come; the connection to a creation we live in but sometimes ignore, and the bond that forms between beast and man when one treats the other with respect and dignity. And for the gracious gift of patience each horse gives to its rider (especially this one).  

IMG_20170629_212718_169IMG_20170627_213250_459horses eating (1 of 1)

man and beast (1 of 1)

The Crew

The welcoming committee is strong at Amadeus Park Riding School.  Not only will you receive the nod of acknowledgement from the horses as you drive to the Stables, you will also be greeted (with a wag of his tail and a wiggle of his bottom) by Sammy the Border Collie.  Cindy and her ‘team’ ensure the best care for their riders by pairing you up with horses to suit your ability. With twelve horses calling the property home, there is one to suit every riding level or skill. I was introduced to a beautiful gentleman called Marco. He has a bit of a reputation of being sought after, and he is extremely likable. His owner is one proud Mamma and delights in her ‘son’ being kind, patient and gentle but with spunk.  



The Lesson

As my riding experience stopped at school camps (we won’t mention how long ago that was), I was given the beginners lesson. This covered how to adjust the stirrups to your leg length, mounting and dismounting (yep, I got stuck!!), giving clear directions, and using reigns to stop and steer . It is safe to say that if you follow the instructions of your teachers, you will not go wrong. Horses are very obliging when they have been in Cindy’s care for a while.  Take it from me,  at no time did I feel unsafe.  Even when trotting I felt confident that Cindy was in control (if I wasn’t). The lesson moves at a pace set by you and is repetitive in nature to enable you to become comfortable with each technique.  


The Program

There is so much on offer at Amadeus riding school. Chose from: group lessons, individual lessons, jumping lessons, ladies group (followed by wine and nibbles), squad, kids lessons and the list goes on. I highly recommend you check their website for all the options. Oh, their holiday program is great also, so give that a look if you have children that need some inspiration.

Amadeus Park Riding School is passionate about riding! They want to see people grow in confidence and advance in their skills. You will feel assured that you are in a place that supports and guides their students with love and a passion for the sport.



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