TarraWarra Estate


20160412_142154Discovering TarraWarra Estate is like discovering an oasis in the desert, you want to drink it all in as fast as you can.  From the gate you feel a peace settle over you as you are thrown into a property that mixes the beauty found in both nature and art perfectly.  Melbourne’s autumn is well and truly on display and the golden tones from the deciduous lined driveway is a sight to behold.  With the golden tones accenting the glorious green from the rain soaked lawns it is hard not to smile as you breathe in the beauty and anticipate your final destination.

On this particular day the skies were moody, brooding and grey, which only added to the dramatic beauty of the Estate.  This property is shared with the TarraWarra Museum and therefore is dotted with creativity wherever you look.  The sculpture by Clement Meadmore guards the entrance, a limestone building welcomes you with soaring pillars and the architecture is eye catching while being respectable to the environment it inhabits.

While a tour is planned of TarraWara Museum in the near future, the restaurant and cellar door was the purpose of this visit.  I was warmly welcomed by a staff that is professional and approachable.  I was delighted to be shown to a table situated both in front of the open fireplace and looking out through the rammed earth frames to the distant hills. Taking full advantage of the two course lunch offer, the trout was ordered followed by the meringue.  Sipping a glass of the 2013 Merlot. I then began to take in my surrounds.  The restaurant is encased in windows showing off the breathtaking views, so naturally while waiting for my meal, I took full advantage of my blogger status and photographed every angle of the intimate, modern space.

I was not disappointed when my perfectly cooked ocean trout arrived served with smoked chickpea and BBQ red cabbage,  it was as picture perfect as it was tasty.  In between courses the staff proved to be child friendly and attentive.  Dessert, being one of my favourite courses yet rarely indulged, was a must.  However, if you have a savoury pallet there is also the option of ordering an Entrée and main for the $55 or take the three course option for $65.   Wine is not included in the cost, but is a must – as some of my favourite food moments have been accompanied by a TarraWarra Estate wine.  In fact I would suggest you visit The Cellar Door for a tasting before relaxing in the restaurant for a long lunch, that way you will know your wine of choice to accompany your meal. 


Housed in an amazing ‘burrow’ style building The Cellar Door has found its new home.  The entrance reminds me of something from ‘The Shire’ from Lord of The Rings and evokes a sense of excitement and wonderment upon entering.  The bunker style interior is minimalist with a touch of glamour.  This space is beautiful and needs to be experienced.  With the Barrel Room in full view of the wine lover and a conference table to be envied, a business meeting could be a talking point for years to come if held at TarraWarra Estate.


With a new Cellar Door menu introduced this week and a restaurant menu that wines and dines you in fine fashion this spectacular stop on the Yarra Valley map has become one of my favourites and is definitely on my lists of musts for international visitors and interstate travelers.  Do yourself a favour pop by and experience this property for yourself.

For more information about TarraWarra Estate please follow the link below:



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