Medhurst Wines


Can I share a little secret with you?  Often there is no plan when it comes to Yarra Valley Life blog days.  I simply drop my son off at kinder and drive in the general direction of the Yarra Valley.  Medhurst Wineries was discovered in such a way.  I was curious to find out what else Maddens Lane had to offer and with my visit to its name sake Maddens Rise still fresh in my mind, I knew I was on the road to something good.

The introduction to the Medhurst experience was one of beauty, culture and anticipation.  Turning into their driveway you are greeted with an amazing view of the vineyard rising with the land and the strategically placed sculptures cause intrigue as you delve deeper into the property.  Looking out over all this beauty is a stunning piece of architecture, whose inhabitants enjoy the ever changing beauty of the Yarra Valley on a daily basis and of whom I am slightly jealous.

Following the, not so subtle, signs to the Cellar Door I was delighted to see that the artistic buzz continued to flow into the designs of the buildings on the property.

There is one building that pops and screams ‘look at me’- the winery.  Designed by Folk Architects it reminds me more of a museum than a building to crush grapes in. I half expected it to house amazing pieces of art and sculptures rather than vats of juice and barrels of wine.  However, it is very fitting that the building the wine maker creates the characters and notes of each vintage resembles an art house.  They are after all, artists in their own right.

It is from the winery that the full impact of the Cellar Door can be appreciated. Looking up the hill you will see the outdoor furniture, beckoning for you to sit, relax and take in the view while sipping a glass of Medhurst’s finest.  You will want to recline with someone special and devour the grazing platters while enjoying what could be a long afternoon of the three C’s (chats, chardonnay/cabernet and cheese).  While I would love to report that all items on the menu are house made, it is not so.  The size of the Cellar Door space (and therefore the kitchen) hinders the amount of culinary delights the chefs can produce themselves.  In saying that, it does not mean that the items on the menu (that are ordered in) are any less tasty than those that are produced on site.  I was extremely happy with the crunch of the pastry and flavour of the filling of the quiche that I ordered – it had me convinced that it was created just for me that very morning.    

The overall feel of Medhurst Wines is one of fun and family.  It is a family run business and many of the employees reside on the property during harvest time.  There are friendly dogs roaming around and greeting the guests and plenty of room for children to play while under the watchful eye of their parents.  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and resemble a close knit family.  If you have any questions regarding wine the Cellar Door staff are more than happy to answer them or you could even ask the Head Wine Maker Simon if you find him wandering around. This is a find that you will want to keep a secret.  It is tranquil and secluded.  You feel relaxed, welcome and completely blessed to take in the stunning surrounds.   Ensure that this is high on your list of ‘must do’s’ when building your Itinerary for the Yarra Valley.


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