Reformation Pilates

IMG_20170325_091052_361The Challenge

When I saw the promotion for the Reformation Pilates 30 day challenge, I just had to be a part of it.  Six days a week for 30 days was not too much to ask – or was it?

I don’t know if you know this about me, but Pilates has been a modality that I have been a fan of for many years.  It was with excitement that 8 months ago I discovered Reformation Pilates had come to town.  I knew before long I would be in the studio trying out the reformer and all its benefits.  A collaboration was negotiated and with a warm welcome from Andrea and Alexandra I was all set to participate in toning and strengthening this body of mine.

The Studio:

Situated in the architectural delight of Eastland, the Reformation Pilates studio fits right into its stunning surroundings.  Entering the space is like taking in a big breath of clean country air.  With a very minimal interior and hints of Scandinavian influences there is little to distract you from the torture – I mean task ahead.


The Instructors:

Throughout the month long challenge I was introduced to all the instructors of Reformation.  There is one to suit everyone.   Not mentioning any names, you have the tough, the entertaining, the sweet and the no nonsense.  All of whom take pleasure in seeing your ‘pain face’ and hearing you suffer.  This is not a relaxing class.  These instructors mean business and their business card… your results. They are there to help you achieve your goals and they will do it by working you as well as nurturing you.

The Reformer:

When I first met the reformer I may have confused it for a rowing machine crossed with a medieval tool of torture.  Essentially it is a platform on rails with ropes attached and detachable springs (for resistance and enabling each move to be tailored to ones level of ability).  Ultimately it is a machine designed to challenge your core all while working the rest of your body.  Truly it is a full body workout that will burn.  You will feel the effects of the reformer for a couple of days after you have become acquainted with it, in saying that, it doesn’t leave you needing assistance to lower yourself into a chair.  Although, if you do get Mr Tough instructor you may need to organise a rail in the WC for your own safety!!


The Student:

To say I smashed the challenge and attended 24 classes in 30 days would be deceiving you.  I honestly found sneaking out six times a week a little much.   No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get my butt there.  Even so, I am addicted!!! The classes are tough enough to feel your body working and short enough not to put you off.  My body responded in a way I have not seen with weight training or cardio.  To say my core is tighter and stronger is stating the obvious.  This convert will definitely be returning weekly… in fact I have booked in a class tomorrow.

For more information on classes and pricing click here.  Believe me when I say, you will not be disappointed with your purchase when it involves a package from Reformation Pilates.


Don’t know what to buy Mum for Mother’s Day?  Well, Reformation Pilates has been included in the 5 Gift Ideas we have put together. Click below.Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face...George Eliot

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