The Farm Yarra Valley

20160712_102321_HDRThe Farm Yarra Valley is the love child of Rob Dolan Wines and the crew behind The Croydon Brewery, The Cellar Door and Bec & Dales.  There is no denying the fact that, just like The Cellar Door, this venue is beautifully appointed.  The mix of country charm and industrial accents are aesthetically pleasing and conjure up imaginings of weddings and celebrations.  This new comer to the Yarra Valley is bound to make a splash and is another beautiful venue to add to the list when planning that ‘special day’.

Rob Dolan Wines and The Croydon Brewery is the perfect marriage when it comes to having your drinks menu sorted.  Who could ask for anything more than these boutique labels adorning your tables and quenching the thirst of your guests.  When it comes to dining at The Farm Yarra Valley, do the words Rockpool and The Veggie Patch Co put your mind at ease?  The resume of the staff at this ‘event venue’ is impressive and reads like a who’s who of the Melbourne food and wine scene.


When you wander around the property you can see that even in its infancy this is a great establishment with many future plans to help cement its place at the top of your ‘must see’ list. 

Photo opportunities are abundant:

  • The aisle of Bay trees leading to the expansive oak.
  • The beautiful weather-beaten barn right next to the flowing creek making any wedding ceremony uniquely intimate.
  • The ornate water fountain looking out over the vegetable garden and rolling vineyard is begging to be featured in the digital memories of your event.
  • And the expansive veranda is the perfect vantage point to take in the wonders of the 100 acre allotment.

The perfect way to view this property is to visit the Cellar Door of Rob Dolan Wines and have a tasting of the label created by a man who has been making wine in the Yarra Valley his whole career.  You can take in the sights of the property and experience the rustic charm all while sipping a glass of your favourite variety.    For a tour of The Farm Yarra Valley you will have to contact the amazing Rowan and either book your ticket to the Farm Feasts or Sunday Roasts running throughout July or organise a private tour of the establishment.  This man is a wealth of knowledge and will answer all your questions about this stunning venue. 

Just quietly, I would love to call The Farm Yarra Valley home!!


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