Maddens Rise


I used to think that I was European at heart, however the more I travel through this stunning part of Victoria the more I realise how raw, rustic and amazing this country’s beauty really is.  The scene at Maddens Rise of dripping gum trees, lush green vineyards and golden hay bales is a fine example of the Australiana that international travelers love and locals are blessed to experience every day.

 Upon arriving at the Cellar Door I was greeted with a smile and all but a cuddle from the beautiful Emma.  She had just arrived with baskets full of wild flowers to spruce up the interior for the week-end trade.  While I scoped out the property Emma casually and lovingly trimmed and arranged her roadside forage, resulting in a (very appropriate) romantic ambiance for the approaching Valentine’s Day.  With all this love and attention-to-detail it reminded me of a quote I once read:

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams”

(author unknown)

The beauty of Maddens Rise is that it is built on love. I know this sounds a little corny, but it truly is the warmth, smile and compassion of the staff that translates into the guest experience.  You will not leave without noticing the caring and respectful manner in which the staff interact with each other and you-the guest.  It truly is a lovely place to visit.  In part I believe this has a lot to do with keeping things simple and intimate. The Cellar Door itself is housed within a ‘tiny house’ style building, designed to reduce the environmental impact of the label.  With a rustic and modern ambiance you will enjoy tasting the creations of the winemaker with Emma guiding you every ‘sip’ of the way.  NB: this is an establishment with a very clear focus – wine.  You will not find a menu to fulfill you hunger just your thirst.

When you step out onto the deck to take in the view you will notice this is a property of three sheds:

The Cellar Door: (as discussed above, the cutest little shed I have ever had the pleasure of visiting)

I don’t know about you but I am hooked on the ‘Tiny House’ shows airing on free to air television at the moment.  I imagine how refreshing it would be to call one home, to clean half the house, to live a minimalist life and to park it at a prime location with a view that would inspire and invigorate you every morning.  The Cellar Door at Maddens Rise is the reality of this fantasy. 

The ‘Work Shed’:

This would be where the magic happens, where the scientist meets the artist, where varieties are mixed to create unique and intriguing combinations. This is the heart of Maddens Rise, although not beautiful it is the driving force behind the label.

The Abandoned Farm Shed:

The perfect accent to the property and is a photographers dream.  There is nothing more Australian than the beauty of a rusted corrugated iron roof and the mottled silver of the weathered and worn walls of a shed that has stood the test of time and given it’s all to those that worked the land. You can just feel the sweat and tears of the farmers that once called this property their own.

With Melbourne’s summer refusing to leave and putting on some amazing weather this weekend, you should pay a visit to the beautiful people at Maddens Rise.  Make sure you plan your tasting around meal times and ensure you have had your morning coffee (as you will not find coffee on the wine menu).  Enjoy the simple pleasure of sipping great wine and marvel at the beauty that this country has to offer.

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