Vue on Halcyon – The Fairy-Tale


When opening a good novel you are always faced with reading your way through the introduction before you get to the true story line in chapter 1.  This is designed to warm you up, introduce you to the characters and set the scene for the rest of the tale.  In the same way Uplands Road is the introduction to the main event -Vue on Halcyon.  Meandering from the edge of suburbia through Australian bush and farmland the road sets the scene of seclusion, rural life and wide open spaces.  Once you arrive at the venue you have taken in the beauty of the paddocks with agisting horses, cattle and even an alpaca or two, wondered at the vastness of the rolling countryside and all but forgotten about the hustle and bustle of the highway you no doubt had to take to make the journey.


The fairy-tale begins as you turn off your engine and gaze out the windscreen at the rows of vines ladened with ripe fruit ready for the harvest.  As if grown organically among the vineyard, the quaint chapel rises to tell the tale of many a perfect day where the pews within have been filled with on lookers taking in the splendour of the wedding ceremony.


As you saturate your senses with the beauty of the property you barely remember making your way to the front door of the main building.  With a parquetry door accented with iron features greeting you, one always makes a grand entrance at Vue on Halcyon.  To label this as a restaurant is to misrepresent the purpose and destiny of this venue.  This is a building where first dances are danced, bouquets are tossed, cakes are cut and speeches are made.  A wedding venue is its true calling, and a restaurant is it’s hobby.


Taking a seat by the window enables you to gaze out and enjoy the beauty of the view.  A view not dis-similar to the one already experienced: with rows of vines, rolling hills and far off in the distance the epicentre of the Yarra Valley.  Enjoying your meal of high quality ingredients and culinary flair you will pinch yourself to ensure you are not dreaming.  How is it possible that this entire experience is only 15 minutes from the freeway – the juggernaut to the high paced lifestyle we have grown so accustomed to?  Believe me, you are in the real world – it just looks, smells and feels different.  The friendly and obliging staff will confirm this for you.


If you have had the pleasure of attending a wedding at this venue you will know the fairy-tale that is Vue on Halcyon.  With the Cellar Door/Restaurant opening on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00-2.00pm it has become a favourite breakfast destination with many passers-by.  If you would like to know more about this family run beauty please visit:


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