Innocent Bystander


Have you met the Innocent Bystander??   By definition he should be an anonymous observer.  But if you have driven through Healesville of late you will see that he is anything but.  Being a bystander is not his strong point, he is right in the thick of it – he is an instigator. 20151101_130004_HDR

There is no shrinking into the shadows for this particular establishment.  You cannot miss the soaring wood clad building, sporting a lengthy open deck for guests to enjoy the beautiful spring weather we are blessed to be experiencing.  You know just by outward appearances that this venue means business.  Although situated at the far end of the main shopping strip in Healesville, it is hard to imagine a day that the lofty, industrial interior is not abuzz with families meeting for lunch, individuals lounging with laptops and lattes or groups working their way through a tasting of the vast menu of wines produced by Giant Steps and Mea Culpa.



The Innocent Bystander is a multi-faceted experience.  Walking in you are quick to realise that this is a well-oiled machine with many cogs, all working in unison to ensure that the ‘diner experience’ showcases all aspects of the Bystanders character.  Wine is what he is known for, but you will also find that the wood fired pizzas are up there with the best in the Valley (I put this down to the sourdough base – amazing).   With a tapas style lunch menu, carefully planned to complement the house wines, it is a destination for relaxing in the company of loved ones, sharing a meal and taking in the buzz and vibe of the modern venue.




The retail setup covers everything from bakery items, wine, house roasted coffee and even t-shirts, so there is no reason you can’t have the Innocent Bystander experience at home.  With a private function room currently under construction, this really is the man with everything.  For more information and updates on the happenings of this local favourite please see




Now that you have met the Innocent Bystander, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.






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