This is where I show how addicted to coffee I am. I have made it my mission to point you in the right direction for your daily dose.  Here you will read my opinion on the latte at each establishment (if available).  This is new to Yarra Valley Life, so there are many stops along the Yarra Valley Coldstream Trail where coffee was consumed but not rated.  Much to my dismay I will have to return to these destinations and consume another ‘cup of joe’.




Oakridge Wines

This coffee is strong, smooth and worth the purchase.

Beans – Toby’s Estate


Innocent Bystander

 Perfect strength.  Full body flavour with that coffee tang.

Beans – House Blend


Alchemy Yarra Valley

The perfect strength to please a variety of coffe palates.

Ask for strong if you like a bit of bite.

Beans – Atomica Coffee


Essenza Yarra Valley

Due to the beans being Italian this coffee has a very distinct European flavour.

Beans: Conino Lamborghini



It was a little too hot for a latte but it was strong enough in flavour and intensity.

Beans – Dimattina Prima Tazza.


Medhurst Wines

A really pleasant coffee.  Easy to drink and in no way insulting to the taste buds.

Beans:  Coffee Supreme

20151006_111257_HDR (2)

Coombe Yarra Valley

Easy to drink and smooth but on the weak side.

Beans – Great Divide – Melba Blend (She even has her own coffee blend!!)


Zonzo Estate

Your average coffee, robust and easy to drink with a slight hint of bitterness.

Beans – Romcaffe


Bella Vedere

smooth and creamy, ask for it strong if you like a bit of punch.

Beans – Gravity


Alowyn Gardens

Drinkable but  I will be ordering tea next visit.

Beans – Genovese

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