Sisko Chocolate – Eastland


Sisko is a name synonymous with elegance, luxury, quality and CHOCOLATE.  The Melbourne-based chocolatier moved into The Arcade (Eastland) a year ago. We greeted the quietly charming Christina and Paul with gasps of excitement and micro-jumps of joy – now the chocoholics of the east have top-shelf chocolate to satisfy their overwhelming cravings. And what a way to indulge!  

If you hav seen footage of the ‘Insta-famous Chocolate Sphere’ you need to click here.  
You must experience the theatrics of the hot chocolate milk poured over the perfectly tempered chocolate ball, revealing soft sensational marshmallows.  Tasting the ‘real’ chocolate flavour of these decadent balls is a must.

Sphere (1 of 1)

Once you have stopped shaking from the anticipation of experiencing ‘The Sphere’ you’ll notice the store is filled to the brim with gift ideas. Everything is presented in acetate boxes and bowed to perfection. The hand crafted flowers, butterflies, shards and orbs are a perfect gift in any situation. Best of all (and news to me!) is that the Chocolate Sphere is also available to purchase and experience at home.You can also buy refill spheres – SHOCK.  


With amazing chocolate work surrounding you, it is hard not to consider the possibility of producing such perfection yourself.  Well, you can, because Sisko offer regular workshops.  Whether it is delving into the process of chocolate making (from bean to bar) resulting in becoming a connoisseur (after tasting 20 varieties of chocolate) or truffle making, jump online and book your spot to learn from the best.  Also, there are junior masterclasses to entertain the children during school holidays.  The best part — Sisko’s workshops can be booked as parties.  If you are looking for a unique party idea, look no further!


On your first ‘east side’ birthday, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you. Thank you for bringing your skill to this side of town, enabling us to experience chocolate the way it should be enjoyed. Thank you for taking the time to educate us and impart your wisdom through your workshops and collaborations. Your bespoke sculptures are inspirational and desirable. I look forward to a long friendship and many chocolate memories in the future.


Yarra Valley Life was a guest of Sisko Chocolate. To learn more about this company please click here.

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Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face...George Eliot


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