Blue Lotus Water Garden

img_20170209_071520_323If you want to see the glorious lotus flower in full bloom you need to head down to Blue Lotus Water Garden.   With a season that lasts only a few months your itinerary must include the drive to Yarra Junction between December 27th and April 2nd.  The $17 entry fee is definitely worth it, in fact (if you are a local) I would even go as far as saying the season pass ($40) should be considered!

Walking through the gates you will have your first encounter with the Lotus and its pods in the nursery.  HINT:  The walk through the nursery should be left until the end of the visit, as there is so much ground to cover (14 acres of it) you may regret spending too much time admiring the ‘support act’- don’t get me wrong, the main event will move you so much that you will want to purchase at least one water plant before heading home.  So factor in Nursery time at the end and know that you will need to leave at least two hours for walking through the gardens.


The lush green landscape of the ponds accented by ornate red bridges and thatched roves of rotundas, provides the ideal subject for photographers and garden enthusiasts alike.  A board walk is the perfect way to move among the beauty and if you arrive early and stand still long enough, you will hear the buds of the waterlilies bursting to greet the morning sun.  This is truly a peaceful experience that needs to be savoured – much like sipping your favourite red or fortified wine.

yarra-valley-life-4There are many tracks to be discovered.  Every one offers a ‘wow’ moment that insights reflection and appreciation for the intricacies of creation that only an artist could imagine into being.  The vibrancy of the white of the Cream Lutea Lotus pops against the leaf so green it screams vitality.  The blushing pink of the Hindu Lotus bows under the weight of its beauty.  The buzz of the bees remind us all that there is always a team of hard working, humble and committed beings behind the star of any show.

It is no secret that I can get carried away with the beauty of a property!  Well, lets just say that there is so much to behold at the Blue Lotus Water Garden that a third trip is in order.  I missed out on enjoying the view of the waterlilies while drinking a coffee from the café.  Although I made sure I purchased a serve of Lotus chips for the ride home (imagine a flavour between a potato and parsnip crisp).  I also missed checking out the Crocodile Plants giant lily pads I have heard sooooo much about. So you see, a season pass can definitely come in handy when you are as enraptured by the garden as I am.


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