Tea Leaves


Question:  What woman doesn’t want to earn a living while sitting back, drinking a cup of tea and reading her favourite magazine?

Meet Teri, who decided that retirement was not for her and wanted to sell tea from a stall while reading her favourite gossip magazine.  Little did she know that 25 years later Tea Leaves would have grown to be one of the largest tea wholesalers within Australia and a tourist draw card for the sleepy town of Sassafrass.


The distinct smell of tea greets you at the door followed by a friendly welcome from the loyal and knowledgeable staff.  Tea Leaves is a tea connoisseur’s dream!  Specialising in flavoured green teas, imported from all over the world-the choice is endless.  There is a tea to satisfy any preference; healing naturopathic teas have been developed with the help of Mrs Tea Leave’s daughter herself, a matcha tea range to entice any dessert lover and teapots, cups and tea sets to set the heart racing of long time collectors.  You will lose yourself within the tea case walls of this wondrous tea haven.

Your challenge: To walk out of Tea Leaves empty handed.

Note: prams are a tight squeeze within this little store, so make sure to visit with a very capable pram minder and peruse child free.  If children are in tow, ensure they are fully supervised as there are plenty of breakables to entice little fingers.

For more information on the Dandenong Ranges and to read more on my visit to Sassafras Click here

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