Cherry Tree


Steeped in history, Healesville has cemented itself as a must visit when wandering the Yarra Valley.  It is evident that this sleepy town was once a hub for socialites and revellers.  In the 1920’s the guesthouses were booked out and the flappers were out in force.  The Cherry Tree has referenced this party era that put Healesville on the map and it is obvious when walking in the door that you have stepped into an eclectic and diverse café. 

The first decision to be made when visiting is: where do I sit? 

There is ample seating and space enough for prams.  Do you want to warm yourself by the fire, people watch in the window booths or surround yourself in peacock feathers while sipping your coffee and chatting the day away? Summer promises to make this decision even harder when the secret garden is open.  Do you escape the sun by sitting inside or take a side order of Vitamin D with your meal?


Secondly, what to order? 

The menu is as diverse as it’s interior and caters for all occasions:

  • Smashed avocado with fetta and a perfectly poached egg for brunch
  • soup for a light lunch
  • burgers, pasta and daily specials for a more substantial meal.

For those who enjoy breakfast all day, you will be extremely happy at The Cherry Tree. 

And finally: do I order my usual coffee or opt for a piccolo just to get a good shot of the gold cup it comes in?

Oh and do I order a side of house baked carrot cake because it is a local favourite and it will make the photo look complete?  The answer – always yes. 

So as you can see Cherry Tree ticks all of the boxes.  It is a warm, family friendly café to take a break from shop hopping around Healesville.

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