Beautiful Room Workshop

IMG_20160620_091531Whenever I walk into Beautiful Room I see perfection. Styled, deliberate and stunning perfection.  So when the invitation was extended to Yarra Valley Life to participate in a Styling workshop with founder and Head Interior Designer Maree Howley I knew it was the perfect opportunity to learn how I too could achieve such ‘beautiful rooms’ in my own home.

When it comes to parking at Eastland – there are many ways I can use an hour or two than driving around looking for a place to park.  However on this particular morning there was no stress and absolutely no anxiety felt when I handed my keys over to the Valet parking and took the lift directly to the 3rd floor making my way to Beautiful Room.

Maree and Taena mingled with the workshop clients before showing us into the beautifully prepared show room.  Adorning the table were goodie bags full of inspiring catalogues from suppliers to take home, peruse and dream about.  Within the workshop pack was a little surprise: a Yarra Valley Life business card –it made my heart skip a beat to see my card included in such a beautifully presented pack.  It is no secret that Beautiful Room are fans of this humble blog and the feeling is mutual.

The first half of the day was an informative session on the inner workings of Maree’s design mind in regards to styling.  The inspirations she draws upon, her use of colour and scale as well as her thoughts on shades of paint.  Following the supplied light lunch was the practical component.  This is where we found out how hard it is to create the stunning vignettes found within the store.  Working as a team we were given the bones of a room/scene including artwork, lounge suite, side board, coffee table mirror and lamp – 3.2.1 style this space!! 

Next we were asked to furnish a scaled room with furniture – showing how one room can take on many different characters depending on the designer, inspiration and purpose intended for the room.

IMG_0040IMG_0051IMG_20160706_205734[1]Needless to say this was a very informative day full of inspiration, ideas and take home skills from a staff that have been in the industry implementing them on a daily basis.  I look forward to more workshops from Beautiful Room and hope if you are an interior design buff you click on the link below and check out their upcoming events.


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