Yarrawood Estate

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Entering the world of Yarrawood is like finding a hidden treasure, a treasure you want to hold onto and not share with the rest of the world in the fear that it may become tainted and spoiled.  My first drive up the tree lined driveway was one full of ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s’.  I am so taken with the aesthetics of a spring vine full of life and the promise of a good vintage, that my visual senses went into overdrive when I saw vineyards flanking both sides of the driveway.  Passing the lake with families of ducks performing water landings to take their midday swim just topped off my initial introduction.

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Taking a seat outside under the shade of an Elm tree your visual feast continues.  This property is blessed to have 360° views of the beauty that is the Yarra Valley.  At the time of my visit the green of spring was as lush and vibrant as I could have hoped for and the forecast was perfect.  The Share Platter was the reason we had returned, I had seen it while investigating my last blog post (Yarra Valley Tea Co.) and promised to return with company to try the laden platter.  Who better to share this moment with than the woman who taught me to love food?  The one that raised me on Sunday lunch tables filled with fresh vegetables, good bread and cold meats – oh and not to mention the imported cheese.  This woman has ingrained in me the beauty of breaking bread with others and enjoying life through the sense of taste.  The woman I am talking about is my Mother.  We were both impressed by the presentation of what was laid before us.  I have seen a few share plates throughout this journey, and I will go on record as saying that it is the best in the Valley so far.  Not only does it feed two comfortably it was the variety that impressed me.  With locally sourced seasonal produce you know that you are truly experiencing the taste of the Yarra Valley. 

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While relaxing with a glass of Tall Tails Sauvignon Blanc, nibbling on frittata and chatting casually with Ma, I couldn’t help but see myself back at Yarrawood with Mr Yarravalleylife and both my son’s.  The boys running around the lush lawn on a brilliant summer’s day just enjoying the serenity, view and each other.  With staff who are polite, informative and attentive Yarrawood is a destination that I wish I could keep to myself, but for the integrity of the blog I have to say – it is a must visit.

As you enter the property, vines as far as the eye can see.

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20151118_134534_HDR (2)
Wild life enjoying the serenity.
20151118_134151_HDR (2)
View from the car park.




20151118_130547_HDR~2 (2)
Part of investigating Yarra Valley Tea Co.


20151124_124819_HDR (2)
Views from every angle.

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