We come to the end of this experience at Stones of The Yarra Valley. Included in the package was a breakfast at Meletos before checked out at 11.00am.
As with The Barn and The Stables, Meletos is perfectly appointed. Once you enter (what I like to call ‘The Glasshouse’), you are impressed by the natural light streaming through the floor to ceiling windows. Everywhere you look you see rustic beauty:
Above – you will be amazed by the soaring pitch of the roof and the industrial style exposed beams. Displayed behind the bar – locally sourced wines are housed in repurposed wood shelving. Over at the kitchen – house baked bread loaves rest atop the counter calling your name. Everything about this place gives you a warm welcome, including the hospitable staff.

We finally sat down, after drawing straws on the view; orchards or vegetable garden. The breakfast started with warm home baked pastries (croissants and fruit bread) accompanied with butter and jam. We chose from the menu our main course, of which the smoke trout with soft poached egg was ordered. It was not your conventional breakfast menu – which took me a minute to get used to. The coffee was desperately needed and the meal came beautifully presented which was well received by my slightly hung-over body.


While sitting there enjoying my meal, my husband and the view I realised that I feel the most alive when surrounded by the beauty of creation. There is something about the colour green that gets my blood pumping. Such an ugly word, but so beautiful in nature. I think that was the precise point this blog was conceptualised.
Returning a couple of days later, for what started out as coffee and ended with Barbecued Wandin quail, I was still overwhelmed by how inviting Meletos was. I spoke to the Events Manager Eliza and realised there is so much more to Meletos than just a lunch and dinner menu. If you want to know more about what is on offer in The Warehouse and The Brewery check out
Meletos I will return – I need to try your highly recommended dessert menu.

Want to see more, click the Gallery links below:

Gallery – Meletos

Gallery – The Warehouse

A stunning property

Rustic Beauty

Barbequed Wandin Quail with a side of green beans.

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