20170406_163628If you mention Natskin to women around the eastern suburbs it will no doubt be followed by the exclamation ‘the best’. ‘Oh, the best massage I have ever had’ or ‘I have not had a treatment better since visiting Natskin’ or ‘I love that place, they are the best’. So it is with great confidence that I say Natskin are truly amazing at what they do.

My love for Natskin started years ago. A girlfriend and I booked in for pedicures as a way of celebrating our birthdays. I have had pedicures before and thought this would be your run-of-the-mill treatment. I can’t explain what made it stand out from the others but it was far from what I expected. It could have been the amazing leg massage, or that I walked out with my feet and lower legs cleansed and pampered to the point of complete relaxation. There is a sense of absolute dedication to your every need from the staff. You walk out floating on air as if for an hour you were the most important person in the world.


Mother’s Day

I feel it is important this Mother’s Day to present to you some local gift ideas for the beautiful women in your life. Natskin is high on my list of must-have experiences, so I locked in a treatment and collaboration was planned.  With anticipation, I waited for the day when I would relax and focus on ‘me’, uninterrupted for an hour or two.

Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face...George Eliot

The drive out to Natskin in the Yarra Valley is one I know well and never tire of. There is something about the vineyards rolling off in the distance while cows graze in ever-changing fields, that gets my heart a-racing. Every season in the Valley is a sight to behold. There is no denying that the greener it is, the happier I am, however, the golden glow of summer is spectacular in itself. Needless to say, you will be well on your way to relaxing before you arrive at Balgownie Estate to experience the Natskin way.

Flooded with light, the welcoming reception showcases the amazing products you are about to experience. Once changed into a luxurious robe and spa slippers (thongs/flip-flops) you’ll take a moment to unwind while filling in your p’s and q’s.  Your therapist will then show you to a moody treatment room.  It is here you will realise that windows to the outside world are an unnecessary distraction.  That this is a time for you to breathe and be.  To allow your body to drift off into a world of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  


The Treatment:

I experienced the ultimate in pampering! The Autumn Body Ritual: this is a treatment of stripping off the old and preparing the new. It is a two-hour journey for your skin starting with a dry body brush (an experience in itself) followed by a body wrap and moisturise. If you are one that feels claustrophobic, you may want to discuss this with your therapist. The head massage is heaven and definitely takes your mind off the cocoon-like state of the body wrap. Finally, you will have to fight the urge to snooze while you are treated to an amazing facial using beautiful products from Sothys Paris. You will be taken to a state of relaxation that you will not want to hurry back from. At the end of your treatment, take a moment to come back to the land of the living before you attempt to drive anywhere.


There is no denying that my love for Natskin was taken to a new level after the pampering I received. I would not hesitate to suggest them as a ‘must experience’ or ‘gift idea’. And with a special for Yarra Valley Life readers, you will want to book in and treat yourself to the best spa experience this side of town.  

Special Offer:

Mention Yarra Valley Life and receive a free 30-minute massage with any one-hour treatment booked.

Click here for more information on booking your treatment.


One thought on “Natskin

  1. It all sounds so relaxing and wonderful, that I really want to have a spa day! Pity I’m so far away, Natskin would be a perfect place to pamper myself. I love the idea to celebrate birthday with girls and doing pedicure together 🙂 champagne and fruit and nails getting done – yesss!!!!


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